Monday, April 5, 2010

Cupid Chokehold...

It happen again...well almost lah. walaupon kali ni aku ade sikit mengharap,
but i know it might not happen... haizz. Manelah sang lady luck ni... miss lady luck,
will you smile on me even for once? miss lady luck smiled on me once.and that was 4 years ago,
well it wasn't actually a smile. I think its just a smirk,a devilish smile wiping out my
one and only hope..since then,aku membina kubu ego sendiri.. I despise that funny feeling..the feeling
of falling in lurve.. haha..
right now,that funny feeling has arrive once again, while I may think that the devilish lady luck
and miss cupid from the underworld was the one who actually coming to play tricks with me again,
i can never denied that this feeling is real. huh.. I wonder.what can I ever do..will ever
have a chance? would you please tell me? I want to have it just once? for now, I can only
ignore all my damn imaginations... coz I wont let miss cupid played her april fool on my
feelings... hey cupid... i got you on a play your magic right will you?

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